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Exact Group Technologies

Our Companies

Oilsearch - unique airborne exploration technology

Seepfinder - airborne high resolution oil mapping and tracking

Gravex -  airborne high resolution gravity and gradiometry

Laser Dynamics - innovative laser measurement technology

Laser Doppler Velocimetry - precision laser measurement  

Helitrack - fit and forget helicopter rotor monitoring

3D Wind Profiling - advanced range-independent LIDAR systems

Welcome to Exact Group Technologies

Exact Group Technologies

Exact Group Technologies provides bespoke measurement technology systems for a wide range of environments.  We work with market leaders in a wide range of industries to provide licensed solutions to complex problems.

Our areas of interest and expertise include

- Automotive                        - Oil Exploration

- Avionics                             - Rail Track and Wheel Monitoring

- Environmental                   - Research and Development

- Health and Safety              - Weather

- Industrial                           - Wind Energy

- Mining and Minerals